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Read the link I posted above. To each their own. There are no performance gains, just releasing clubs every 3 months to generate more revenue. Holy crap i am hitting it yds. Visually it passed the test as I did not experience any ballooning. The year was very good year for drivers. Charles Oct 1, at

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Bit average I’ve added about 40 yards of distance and greatly improved my shot control. I was mad at the golf industry, but then I realized that this happens in all sports, and marginal gain can only be achieved with frequent launches and a lot of reps repetitions on new products by pros and joes.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Review – Golfalot

Hertha Forum Buzzz 3 weeks ago. Explain to me why a 0. Djamond the new WilsonGolf D7 3 wood in play this week 3woodfor3peat pic. View All Custom Shafts. There are a variety of reasons you can miss shots, but from a directional stand point, lie angles are one of the most critical factors. Moving the heavier weight to the toe of the club will create more fade bias, while moving it to the heel of the club will create big bertha alpha 815 double black diamond draw bias.


AlphaSpeeder regular flex shaft, I have only played a couple of rounds this year. No fitting, hitting it using the default settings for loft, etc 9 degrees loft.

Today’s Golfer

SBoss Oct 2, at 7: Seams a little ironic to me because people keep complaining about the cost of the game. I just put a dbd in play yesterday.

Something to check out if you thinking of getting an DBD. Since a heavier ball produces less resistance to drag it will be longer companies maxed out the legal limit of the ball so ball weight is a constant. Zak Kozuchowski Oct 3, at Insert the Gravity Core with its heavy side down big bertha alpha 815 double black diamond to the sole and the driver will produce less spin.

Looks like Callaway big bertha alpha 815 double black diamond going the route of Tour Exotics esthetics. The year was very good year for drivers. Thomas Beckett Oct 8, at 3: The feel and sound are a little harsher than the regularbut still very good compared to others.

So nobody even tries to do that. Distance wise I was hitting it around y on the course.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Double Black Diamond Drivers

West Aug 19, at 3: Accuracy no worse than my prior driver, possibly more stable and more supportive of confidence.

If you can hit the middle of the face of this driver, it is the longest out there, but if you need forgiveness, this isn’t for you.


To beginners this roll may make the clubface look very small or they may feel it looks easier to pop up. It also really looks good at bllack. With nearly identical builds, the Double Black Diamond was an average of 9 yards longer than the V-Series thanks to its higher launch and lower spin.

The consumer confusion factor alone is not worth it. As I stated in my earlier post and confirmed by your sourcethe theoretical smash factor limit is 2. Sometimes if you can get low spin, you might not be able to achieve sufficient launch. They have a logical number sequence and a predictable release schedule. Zak, any chance you know the head weight for the aplha and the titleist drivers.

Read your research if you big bertha alpha 815 double black diamond do any and work the formulas before you comment. Thanks for setting me straight.