The ADVC was the best converter that also cleaned up video of it’s time. Is the firewire card working properly? The firewire cable supplied is 6-pin to 4-pin. THe accompanying software used to control the ADVC is so simple it runs in windows 10 even though its likely pushing 10 years old. With that change, your computer should ALWAYS see the Canopus, so long as the cable is good, and the connectors on both the computer and the Canopus are good. Monday, January 31, 6: The ADVC is also compatible with widely-used video editing applications.

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It’s not something I’m familiar with. Man, that just ruins my day to see “card spec’d out by Grass Valley”.

The ADVC came highly recommended after trying several cheaper capture devices. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Preview screens from a video editor are often unreliable for judging quality as the PC may be too busy to update them. The ADVC rack mounted with a full rack space above it, open in the back, and inches below.

Windows 7, 64 bit PC loses connectivity with Grass Valley ADVC via firewire

My problem is I have about 25 Hi8 analog tapes to convertand edit. This content has been marked as final. Or has the ADVC stopped working? However, using the same software, DV capture is smooth.

New Drivers  14E4 4727 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Remove From My Forums. How to record anything on your screen using th Hi DB83 and redwudz Many thanks for the responses. The 4-pin is attached to the front of the ADVC and the 6-pin goes to your firewire card. So, my cxnopus is that I can rule out Adobe as it’s not the only software with dropouts occuring in dub out.

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

WinDv will also show the preview but you will have to enlarge that as it defaults to a small window. I can check into it. I am not sure if it has the correct driver installed.

I think it’s something with firewire connectivity but after trying the 1 card I have tried as well as changing out the firewire cable on both units Just SD for now I had installed a different firewire card and it gave me the same issues. Trying to work with Adobe, Grass Valley, and PC manufacturer but not getting cqnopus with a solution.

Canopus ADVC Converter | eBay

I hope you get it figured out, and it doesn’t end up costing you money for a “special” card. It was jerky and very dark video image.


The only software required is the FW drivers for the OS. If Premiere works, use it. You can use this Windowd output software on compatible computers.

It was a ver and now is the Octobe ver Supermicro is manufacturer. The card is now working. The original clip is fine and the dropout occurs at random intervals. It comes with a multipin to component video cable, a 6 pin davc 4 pin FIrewire calbe, ADVC software, manual and power adapter.

canopud Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. With that change, your computer should ALWAYS see the Canopus, so long as canopuus cable is good, and the connectors on both the computer and the Canopus are good. When I run the tape I don’t get a preview so obviously PE is not getting a signal. So I feel really lucky that the Picture Controller stuff works fine for my needs, especially after GV insisted it was not compatible with Win7.