Incidentally why not simply re-install the original drive and clone it to the new one; and then swap drives? Was it sealed and included a certificate of authenticity with the activation key? You might also contact the vendor and ask for the manufacturer’s details? I selected OK Following window: When I re installed the old hard drive I got this notification. First it is a SATA but it is an earlier generation 1. Look at the links below and decide for yourself.

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Was it sealed and dell inspiron e1505 xp a certificate of authenticity with the activation key? Vell not then the website for the new drive will dell inspiron e1505 xp have similar software – probably in downloads inspiroj.

Removed the battery pack, removed the old hard drive, inserted the new one, put the battery back, inserted the Window XP setup disk and turned on the computer. I like the Xfce edition because it’s a little lighter on system resources but many prefer the Cinnamon edition.

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Thank you for your response “Incidentally why not simply re-install the original drive and clone it to the new one; and then swap drives? So sorry for the late return. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation. New hard drives are not expensive and the difference between a really old one and a newer one is like a RAM upgrade or a mild overclock without the expense or hassle.


The information on Computing. Thank you for responding. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. It looks dell inspiron e1505 xp there is some damage to the installation of Windows or there is dell inspiron e1505 xp to the hard drive itself possibly electrostatic discharge if you did not ground yourself or damage before it was removed. Look at the links below and decide for yourself.

Use Question Form such as ” Why? Are you able to look at the orginal drive and see what make that one is? Now would be the perfect time to move on.

Del, it a non-branded disk or was it intended to run on a certain brand or model of computer? Any and all tips, advice, dell inspiron e1505 xp instructions would be greatly appreciated. Many times ebay sellers sell you one of these and it may not inwpiron, may not activate without a key, or may only dell inspiron e1505 xp with a certain brand and model computer recovery disk with drivers specifically selected for that machine.

When I selected the Custom option, there was nothing available to choose from.

DELL Inspiron Laptop Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

It is a laptop after all. Having done the extra research, I cannot recommend spending more on the hard drive. The specs for your model indicate it shipped with WinXP media center edition.


Then a new window prompts with the Windows 7 logo and a button that says install now. Make sure that you install to the hard drive or SSD drive that will be your boot dell inspiron e1505 xp.

Dell Inspiron E Cannot Find New Hard Drive

I selected OK Following window: Thank you both inspuron your opinions, as of right now I am financially incapable of buying a new computer so I have to try my best to make this work. Windows XP, 4 GB.

Back e11505 with an update. This is the manual for your laptop; pages – approx may be useful reading Let us know what you try and how it goes for more possibilities. Be sure that your antivirus program does not hog all of the resources, you need something lean but mean on dell inspiron e1505 xp side.

Why are you attempting to reinstall WinXP? Less than an Hour Ago Time Zone: Thank you for your answer. So, did you replace a SATA drive with another one?