SCSI and RAID Devices


Select Installable Options , and select the options that have been installed on the multifunction printer, and then click Apply Changes. Configure this item only when Directory: Enter the setting that you send to the multifunction printer and click OK. Top Left Prints the user ID on the top right of the page. Settings screen is sent to the multifunction printer. When the Plug and Play is complete, the Installation goes to the next step automatically.

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If the IP address is 0. To specify the margin of the copy.

Server Address Displays the server address. Your multifunction printer can print on many labels designed for use with laser printers.

On the Customer Mode menu, go down to TonerPalletCheck or ContaminationChk, and press TonerPalletCheck Allows you to identify the problem with the toner when print quality problems occur while printing pictures or photos. Available Fax Settings Options You can use the following settings options for configuring the fax system: To contain your name or company name, which is printed on the report sheet.


Print at Error Always prints the report for the fax transmission. Avoid papers with rough or heavily textured surfaces. If the printer information is not updated automatically after clicking Get Information from Printerfollow these steps: For Windows Server Darker1 Works well with light print or faint pencil markings.

Enter a numeric value between 0 and in each field of “aaa. Carbon-paper or carbon-backed paper Coated paper Onion skin or thin paper Wrinkled or creased paper Curled or rolled paper Press Back to return to the previous screen.

Specifies the volume in Min for the incoming faxes.

Lock both levers at the ends of the fuser unit. You can change the Printer Name and driver setup according to your requirement. When there is no larger paper size, the multifunction Larger printer substitutes paper of nearest size. Dell recommends Dell fuser unit for your multifunction printer. To select a paper tray for printing, the.

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Ensure the type setting for the multipurpose feeder is set to the correct value for the print media you have loaded. Ethernet Ethernet Auto Detects Ethernet transmission rate and the duplex settings Settings automatically. To reject faxes sent from unwanted stations.


Type the printer IP address in your Web browser to view this information. Print Media Dimensions The multipurpose feeder accepts print media within the following dimensions: You must log in as an administrator to use this feature.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

Well-chosen typefaces make a document easier to read. Ensure that the memory card is firmly fixed in the slot and cannot be moved easily. Settings Host Name Displays the host name.

Ensure that all user login accounts have a valid and non-empty password. This topic provides a list of all printer messages, explains what they mean, and tells you how to clear the messages.

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To initialize wireless network settings. Click the Create button. If you are unable to see any printer listed, click on Update to search for the printer.