There are a few strips of cleverly located rubber strips around the edge of the receiver and on the battery cover. Most relevant reviews See all 15 reviews. Mark – Create a new waypoint Manage the list of waypoints Manage the route Manage tracks Select the Games not shown Set the operational parameters of the receiver. Current speed, average speed, resetable maximum speed, trip timer, and trip distance Tables: Show less Show more. The traditional satellite screen only shows up to 12 satellites that it knows are in the sky, and identifies which ones have complete ephemeris data for and which one’s its currently getting this from. The battery life 2 AAA lasts for two weeks of moderate use.

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Cigarette lighter and data power cord combined available. Pretty cheap and small. Screen shots from the Garmin eTrex.

This can be a nightmare to manage if you are not careful how they are named. Geko Geko Navigation features Waypoints: Tracks and routes are managed here. If there are any waypoints or the route encompassed in the current display area then these will be shown as well.

The Garmin Geko series has been discontinued and is no longer available geok buy from Garmin. Games Yes you did read that correctly like all other small electronic devices the Geko comes with four games.


You can also select if you are using Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries. This can be cured with a garmim reset, which you can do by turning the unit off, then holding OK, page and power.

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There is a rubber strip around all sides where the front and back meet. I was instantly taken with the looks of the Geko a little bit smaller than the eTrex, but with all the functionality. When driving around town, auto mode only needs to create a point about every 8 seconds giving 22 hours continuous-use memory!

When the unit was in a pants pocket when walking, it had a tendency to lose its fix.

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If your navigation needs are basic now color moving map — the Geko is a perfect fit. Nibbons Your mission is to gather numbers as they appear on the screen. The Pointer Page The various gek on the Gekos are referred to as pages.

Garmib and Reviews Write a review. Approximately 15 seconds Cold: Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Time format Display contrast Units Interface System settings. Under moderate foliage the Geko showed some signal degradation, but still held its fix fairly well.

GPS Review – Garmin Geko 201

Garimn these three modes, the Geko has enough memory for 38,miles respectively. This is activated by selecting a track, pressing the enter button and then selecting navigate and either start or end of the track. Many of the pages are configurable, the pictures are just examples.


I also used the Garmin in standalone mode to record waypoints at some of the tourist locations in Barcelona and then transferred then to the PDA back in my Hotel.

Then press a key to “smak” it! You ggarmin also like. This wipes everything, including waypoints, owner information etc.

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They have created two new models the Geko and the Geko The Advanced Skyview page displays the numbered satellites the unit is using, their proximity to your current position, and their individual signal strengths. The garnin is marginally shorter than the palm of my hand and about half the width. This connects to the Gekoand I can then load the data back into one of my management applications.

Geko The setup menu of the Geko is very basic, allowing you to change the GPS mode from Normal to Battery Save or Demo, and to adjust the backlight timeout and the contrast setting of the screen.