We have no doubt that the multitude of manufacturers are getting sick of it, but as with all market leaders, their needs to be a standard to aim at and at the moment, this is definitely the iPod. We had no issues with music transfer, and if you use Windows Media Player 10, it will automatically add album art to your tunes where available. Judging from the construction of the YP-Z5, the replacement process on this player should be easier. The problem exists in the fact that Samsung, it seems, hasn’t really decided how it wants you to control the player and it caused us lots of frustration trying to access tracks and images on the player. Eco-friendly laundry vending machines start to appear across London Tube network. These are two important design principles, and we’re often left scratching our heads when we find them overlooked.

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You must have JavaScript samsung yp z5 in your browser to utilize the functionality samsung yp z5 this website. However, instead of a Click Wheel interface, the YP-Z5 uses a directional control pad that relies on varying degrees of touch to scroll through menu items. Used Gear Sell Your Gear.

Get past this and as we mentioned above the interface is very easy to use and very quick to load and zip through the smasung. The Good Best music transfer system of any MP3 player; crisp, clean sound; bright screen.

Samsung Yepp YP-Z5 Black ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Sound Sound quality was fairly good for most part and definitely at the same level as the nano. The soft silicone sleeve, which comes in a clear color that complements the Z5’s aluminum housing, protects your Z5 from scratches and nicks while also gripping many samsung yp z5 surfaces, such as hardwood tables or countertops. We exclusively interviewed Mercer at CES earlier in the year. The LCD on the Samsung yp z5 is much larger than the one on the nano, making the process of viewing photographs a much less strained experience.


Samsung Yepp YP-Z5 Black ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

But does it stack up? These are very tiny crosshead samzung that can be removed if the rechargeable samsung yp z5 needs replacing at some point. The perfect accompaniment to this easy transfer method would have been a standard USB connector on the player, but unfortunately the YP-Z5 uses a proprietary cable. Add samsung yp z5 throughout the month of December, and we announce the winner before Christmas. Like the player, the accessories are short on supply.

The iPod nano has a very good reputation for sound quality among audiophiles — this is largely attributed to the high-quality DAC stage and the inherent low noise of solid-state flash storage. While the Samsung YP-Z5 will appeal in its design and interface, we would recommend having a play samsung yp z5 the shop first before you dive right in.

If you’re feeling sentimental, you can play music while watching a slideshow of your pictures. Unfortunately these, along with a control pad that is just confusing to use, without getting frustrated and for us the YP-Z5 isn’t one we would happily recommend.

The problem is that there’s no real-world parallel samsung yp z5 the variable-touch interface. A factor where sa,sung Z5 has beaten the nano samsung yp z5 the display; it’s longer, wider, larger and the user interface is utlised excellently within it. It’s not a vast functional improvement samsung yp z5 the iPod’s simple hierarchical menus, but it’s fresh and easily understood. The YP-Z5 gets some design features right the screen size and dedicated volume control and others wrong the occasionally fiddly control interface and logo-splattered chassis.

None more so than the battery life, which is rated at a whopping 40 hours. Cons Touchpad has some issues, Screen samsung yp z5 be clearer, Lacks some other features Radio, Recording etc. We had no issues with music transfer, and if you use Windows Media Player 10, it will automatically add album art samsung yp z5 your tunes where available.


There gp enough presets to ensure that no matter what genre of music you listen to, you should be able to find an appropriate sound setting on the Z5. We definitely samsung yp z5 so. Headphones plug into the top of the player, and there’s a hold button to keep you from jogging samsung yp z5 tracks accidentally while on the move.

Design, Controls and Interface Aesthetically, the Z5 dubbed the dreaded tagline “iPod killer” is pleasing to the eye.

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The revamped interface demonstrates Samsung has made great progress from earlier efforts such as the YP-T8but the way you scroll through tracks samsung yp z5 problematic. The main issue we have with the touchpad is its sensitivity; sometimes you’ll touch it and it samsugn work, other times you’ll use all the samsung yp z5 possible and it just won’t budge.

Call Customer Support at or Visit the help center. At the core of the problem are two things that the iPod does well: Discussion threads can be closed samsung yp z5 any time at our discretion. The problem is samsung yp z5 exasperated by the control pad not working in the same way throughout the different modes such as images and music. Out of stock Free Shipping. How to get the best best Black Friday deals in the UK.